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A Thai amulet is an example of a blessed ornament from Thai Buddhist. Worshipers always obtain this Thai amulet by donating money or even offering religious oil to the temple where in exchange they receive a Thai amulet from Thai Buddhist monk. These Thai amulets serve a very important role in enhancing the lives of the local people because of the various benefits it brings to the holder which include enhancing luck, improving an individual’s marriage, increasing wealth, love and health of the family owning the amulet. The application of Authentic Thai amulets derives its origin from India which serves as the birthplace and source of Buddhism. These amulets were originally used in India as a meditation tool, merit-making and also for religious purposes.

The earlier tablets that are kept in the holiest places like the temple and stupa reveals that the Thai amulets were regarded as highly sacred objects by the monks who were the people who made them. It is worth noting that many ancient ornaments and other religious objects originating from India which include amulets are constantly being found in many other Asian countries like Thailand where the practice and the use of amulets are on the increase and even these ornaments are regarded much holy by the Thai Buddhist monks. The existence of various Indian religious ornaments and objects such as Buddha’s images and the amulets can be traced back to the traditional trading activities that existed between China, India, Malaysia and Thailand. It, therefore, means that the Peninsula Thailand was the medium in which these religious objects entered Thailand from India. Historical evidence found in Thailand reveals that the use of the Thai amulets dates back to 8th century when there were trading activities between the Indian people and the Thailand natives and it is at this point where the Indian traders influenced the local Thailand people to accept the Indian religion hence the Thailand natives started to use the amulets.

Success of Thai amulet

There are various types of Thai amulets which the local people in Thailand believe that they enhance their lives in different ways. An example of these Thai amulets is Gumarnthong which very popular in Thailand. Gumarnthong amulet is an image of an old Thai boy who has a top knot hair style on his head. The Thai people use Gumarnthong amulet to help them achieve success in their career, businesses, to accumulate wealth and to get some good income when employed. The amulet is also believed to help in the relationship by bringing love and respect to various people and also assisting them in protecting their houses, treasures and protecting their family members from danger, evil and other misfortunes. The use of the Thai amulets is common among the people and it has proven to be very successful to the people hence they regard it as a highly religious objective thus giving much respect and protection.